Proposition 19: The Homelessness Machine

For many California families, the one thing between their children and homelessness is the multi-generational family home that is found in every community in Los Angeles.  Proponents will argue that children can still benefit from the sale of their newly valuable home, but this homogenizes and gentrifies the community.  Forcing the sale of the home is just not the answer for blue collar workers, service industry workers, mentally challenged people, and others.  This argument fails to take into consideration how long the money received, after taxes, capital gains, etc. will sustain the child, places money above family values and creates homogenous gentrified communities.

Additionally, many people care a lot about their working-class children being able to inherit their home after the parents pass.  Even without moving in, in an expensive state like California, these homes provide security to the working-class community who can offer them as affordable rental units until such time as they retire and move in. But not if the property taxes are $20,000.  Then they must sell the property to rich people.  Hey, I am not against rich people, but I am against homogeneity and homelessness.  A balanced community is a healthy community.

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