Prop. 19 poses challenges to taxpayers, assessors

By Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang

As a long-time reader, first-time writer in The Downey Patriot, I want to briefly introduce myself and my office. 

As the LA County Assessor, I am one of three Countywide elected officials – the other two being better known than me – the Sheriff and the District Attorney. I oversee the largest local assessment agency in the US, responsible for valuing over 2.5 million real property and business assessments, which in 2020 were valued at $1.77 trillion and generating about $17 billion in property taxes. 

I am looking forward to sharing regular information with you on issues important to the residents of Downey and surrounding areas; here is my first; Proposition 19. 

Proposition 19 was approved by California voters in the November 3rd election and makes significant changes to the California Constitution regarding property tax benefits. While Prop 19 expands property tax benefits for seniors and the severely disabled, other provisions, which have already gone into effect, may have negative impacts on families who intend to pass-down property to their children or grandchildren.

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