California has passed a death tax on property that could affect your family.

“It’s hard to imagine anything more callous than the government sending a giant tax bill to a bereaved family, but thanks to Proposition 19, many California families will have that unfortunate experience”
Jon Coupal
President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Sign the petition to Repeal the Death Tax

  • Parents should be able to transfer property to their children WITHOUT triggering reassessment and a HUGE TAX INCREASE.

  • Voters were TRICKED INTO REMOVING that protection from state law when they passed Prop. 19 in November 2020.

  • The Repeal the Death Tax initiative will RESTORE this important taxpayer protection for California families.

  • FAMILIES benefit because the death of a parent won’t trigger an UNAFFORDABLE TAX HIKE.

  • RENTERS benefit because this measure stops sudden reassessment of family-owned apartment buildings, which could lead to higher rents or eviction if the landlord dies.

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