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Between now and September 27, the attorney general is seeking public comments on this initiative. We encourage you to add your voice by writing a public comment. In your own words, be sure to include these key points: We must repeal the death tax. It is wrong to hit children with a devastating tax increase that forces them to sell family property when parents pass away. State law should allow people to keep the properties their parents worked hard to acquire.

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Sample letter: 

To the editor,

Proposition 19 had a little-noticed provision in it that will cause families to have to sell homes and small businesses that parents had hoped to pass on to their children. Prop. 19 repealed Proposition 58, which was placed on the ballot in 1986 by a unanimous vote of the Legislature, then passed with the approval of over 75% of state voters. Prop. 58 protected family property from reassessment when transferred between parents and children. Without it, property will be reassessed to market value when it is passed to children, and the property taxes will be sharply higher. This will force many families to sell properties, including small family businesses, after parents worked so hard for so many years to pay for them. Please support Assembly Constitutional Amendment 9 to reinstate Proposition 58 as well as Proposition 193, which extended the same rules to grandparents if the children’s parents were deceased. In addition, please support Senate Bill 668 to give families until 2023 to plan for the new tax rules that took effect on February 16, 2021, when many people couldn’t even meet with family members or advisers due to the pandemic.

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