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Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association | 921 11th Street, Suite 1201 | Sacramento, CA 95814

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No, unfortunately there is no “print at home” option for this petition. Because the entire text of the initiative must be presented to each voter who signs it, the petition is multiple pages long and has been carefully reviewed for precise compliance with the law by our attorneys. Signatures on home-printed copies could jeopardize qualification of the initiative. Please be sure everyone signs an official petition. If you need more copies, just call us: 916-444-9950 or 213-384-9656

No, only the complete, pre-printed petition may be signed. Signatures on extra pages will not count.

Yes. The petitions may be folded to fit in any type of envelope that’s convenient for you. Please mail them back as soon as possible to: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, 921 11th Street, Suite 1201, Sacramento, California, 95814. Thank you!

No. Electronic signatures on online petitions are never valid to qualify an initiative for the ballot. If you signed an online petition, please sign the physical, official initiative petition so your signature will count.

NO!!! PLEASE NO!!! The signatures will not be valid and will not count. Every voter must sign the COMPLETE petition and you must return that complete petition to us so we can turn it in to the county for verification. Torn-off pages and photocopies will not be valid, the signatures will not count.

Yes, “Valid only for November 2021” (or “December 2021”) applies to the list of major funders that was current as of that date. The petitions are valid for the duration of the signature-gathering effort, which ends in April 2022. Time is flying, so please get the petitions signed by registered voters and send them back to us as soon as you can!

No. All the petitions are eventually turned in to the county elections offices to be counted and verified, so all the signers of each petition must be registered voters in that county, or their signature won’t count. Use as many different petitions as you need to collect signatures from voters who live in different counties, but make sure that when you write in the name of the county on each petition, all the voters who sign it live in that county.

Do not make corrections on anything a voter wrote. That will make the signature invalid. If you know the voter, you can let them go back and fix an error, but petition circulators may not fix or change anything for the voter. It’s important that the entry is legible, so the county workers can compare it to the voter rolls and verify that the person who signed is a registered voter at that address in that county. If you’re not sure it’s correct or clear, you may cross it out—use a pen or marker to draw a line through the name, address and signature lines in that signature block, and have the voter sign again.

Voters can check their voter registration by going online to VoterStatus.sos.ca.gov and looking it up. That’s the official website of the California Secretary of State. Voters can also update their registration if they have moved. They can go online to RegisterToVote.ca.gov and update everything online, even on their phone. No need to wait in line at the DMV or mail in a form. For convenience, here are the QR codes to go to those sites:

By law, any time a change to the constitution is proposed in an initiative, the petition must have the complete section of the constitution printed on the petition, not just the sentences that would change.

Possibly. Always ask permission from the store owner or manager, or the mall owner or manager. If they have any questions about the signature-gathering effort, you’re welcome to invite them to call us and we’ll be happy to talk with them. Our Sacramento office number is 916-444-9950, and the number of the L.A. office is 213-384-9656.

Yes! We have set up an online forum for volunteers to post messages and connect with other volunteers in their area. Just go to www.RDTVolunteers.com and register with a user name and password. You can add posts about signing locations or availability to join with other volunteers at a signature table. Or for any other information you’d like to share about volunteering on the campaign.

Not yet. We will print yard signs after the measure qualifies for the November 2022 ballot and we know the proposition number.

Sure! Call us. Our Sacramento office number is 916-444-9950, and the L.A. office is 213-384-9656.

Absolutely, as our schedules permit. Send an email to info@hjta.org with details or call us, 916-444-9950 or 213-384-9656.

The initiative needs 997,139 valid signatures of registered voters to qualify for the November 2022 ballot, so we estimate that we will have to collect 1.3 million signatures to be sure that we make it (signatures will be disqualified if they’re duplicates, in the wrong county, not from a registered voter, or not accompanied by the voter’s correct address). All signatures MUST be turned in to county officials by April 26, 2022, but we will need time to process and sort the petitions by county, so please mail back all
signed petitions to us NO LATER than April 15.

Mail them to:
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
921 11th Street, Suite 1201
Sacramento, CA 95814

You can call us at HJTA directly, any time you have a question. Our Sacramento office number is 916-444-9950, and the number of the L.A. office is 213-384-9656.

Yes, as long as the writing is clear and legible and the writing doesn’t make another signer’s writing unclear, it’s okay if a petition signer’s writing goes a little over the lines. The “official use only” box on the right must not be filled up, though – the counties need that space. If you’re unsure, it’s okay to completely cross out an entry and have the voter sign again on another line.