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As more and more Californians find out what has happened, anger is growing.

Parents should be able to transfer property to their children without triggering reassessment to current market value and a huge tax increase.

For more than 30 years, they could. It was a right enshrined in the California constitution. But now, it’s gone.

That constitutional right was removed by Proposition 19 in 2020, a measure that seemed to be only about helping wildfire victims and seniors. Hidden in the fine print was the biggest property tax increase in state history, on the backs of people who have just lost a parent. 

Under Prop. 19, property transferred from parents to children is reassessed to current market value, with only limited exceptions. Grieving families find out about it in a letter from the assessor’s office that arrives in the mail along with the sympathy cards.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is taking action. We are now collecting signatures for a new ballot measure that restores the right of parents to transfer property to their children without a tax increase. And you can help. 

Print and sign the official petition RIGHT NOW at

The official petition to get this measure on the ballot can be printed using any printer, on ordinary letter-sized paper. Do it right now. Just go to and click (or tap) the “Download the petition” link. It’s easy — complete instructions are included, and there’s even a clip-and-tape mailing label that you can use to send the signed petition back to us. 

Please don’t delay! Time is limited to collect the signatures needed to get this measure on the November 2024 ballot. Go to now to download the petition.

When approved by voters, the Repeal the Death Tax initiative will restore the parent-child property transfer rules that allowed parents to pass their home and up to $1 million of assessed value of other property to their kids without any change to the tax bill. And it is retroactive. Anyone whose property was reassessed for a parent-child transfer will be able to get the previous assessed value reinstated.

Please help us spread the word! Forward this email to friends and family. Send the link to everyone you know. Post it on social media. If we can collect at least 1.2 million signatures by January 16, this measure will be on the November 2024 ballot. 

All parents should have the right to build financial security for their children without taxes taking it all away. Protect your family’s future. Sign the petition to Repeal the Death Tax.

Thank you!!


Jon Coupal
President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

P.S. Be sure to send the link to everyone you know! The faster everyone downloads the petition, the faster we’ll qualify this initiative for the November 2024 ballot. Thank you again for your support!


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Learn why we’re going to succeed in getting Repeal the Death Tax on the ballot this time, how to download petitions, how to fill them out, and how to return them in time so they count!

“It’s hard to imagine anything more callous than the government sending a giant tax bill to a bereaved family, but thanks to Proposition 19, many California families will have that unfortunate experience”
Jon Coupal
President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

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