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Facts and Questions

Visit the Board of Equalization's FAQ on Proposition 19.

Death Tax Calculator

How much will the death tax cost your family if it is not repealed? Use the calculator below and find out!

These totals don’t even include local taxes and bonds added to property tax bills. We must REPEAL THE DEATH TAX so parents can once again transfer property to their kids without triggering reassessment. Donate TODAY to protect your family.

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Send a letter to the editor

Use the tool below to find contact information for a newspaper in your community. You can send the sample letter, or tell your own story about Prop. 19 is affecting your family. Letters to the editor are generally best kept to about 200 words in length and should be signed with your name, city and contact phone or email.

Sample letter: 

To the editor,

Proposition 19 had a little-noticed provision in it that is causing families to have to sell homes and small businesses that parents had hoped to pass on to their children. Prop. 19 repealed Proposition 58, which was placed on the ballot in 1986 by a unanimous vote of the Legislature, then passed with the approval of over 75% of state voters. Prop. 58 protected family properties from reassessment when transferred between parents and children. Without it, property is reassessed to current market value when it is passed to children, with only limited exceptions, and many families face sharply higher property tax bills. This is forcing many families to sell properties, including small family businesses, after parents worked so hard for so many years to pay for them. 

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is sponsoring Senate Constitutional Amendment 4, authored by Sen. Kelly Seyarto and with Assembly Member Mike Gipson as principal co-author, to repeal the changes that Prop. 19 made to tax assessments on intergenerational transfers of property. SCA 4 will restore Prop. 58 to the State Constitution. It will also restore Prop. 193 (1996), which similarly protects children whose parents have passed away.

SCA 4 protects the next generation in every community from being taxed out of the property their parents worked hard to acquire. It deserves your support.

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